PPF/New York Dresden files

Time is a like woman


War and I went our separate ways after the battle with the witch. It was after midnight and I was exhausted. I made it home a tad after 1. The city had laid salt on the road to help prepare for the blizzard that was coming in over the next few days. I was barely asleep when I was woken up by a loud noise after 3.

I walked to my window and saw small RC helicopters with weird tubes attached. Bright lights flooded my building followed by a loud bang on the door. “OPEN THE DOOR! WE HAVE A WARRANT TO SEARCH THE BUILDING!”

I was barely awake. In my boxers seeing them on the first floor. “I’m in my boxers, do I have enough time to put pants on first?” There was a small silence and they repeated open the door. There was no markings on their uniforms. I couldn’t tell who they were or what they were. They were simply in riot gear ready to siege me down. I went back to my room to put on pants and a shirt. I grabbed my 2 shield bracelets and my lighting rod staff and walked to the bathroom to splash water on my face. Figured it would help if I was awake a bit. Just then I heard a loud thud as my door was knocked down followed by the loud ZZZZZ of my ward going off. If you never grabbed an electric fence be grateful, if you have times it by 10 and that is what you get when you come in my house with out my invitation.

Rushing down the stairs I gathered my will ready to combat whatever came through those doors. They were in my house and I did not appreciate any one coming in my house. I came around the corner and walked to the door that separated my store from the back of the building where I lived. I opened the door saw all their guns point at me. I hid behind the door and for the third time they told me had a warrant.

I was tired. Mentally and physically drained from a long few days and not in the mindset or mood to be tested. I wanted to lash out and fight them off. My father though, would have told me, “They are there for good reason. Hear them out. Don’t fight some thing you don’t need to. Respect them and they will respect you.”

With a sigh I extended my hands beyond the door and dropped my staff. “I’m coming out peacefully. Don’t shoot.” I kept my will in my bracelets ready to go and stepped out into plain sight. The people in front of me (if they are people) pointed all the guns at me while one man stuck a warrant at me.

“Adian Clark Derek Carter. By order of The Department of Homeland Security we have been authorized to search your premisses for items that are considered illegal.” The solider handed it to me and let me read it over after I read it I looked the goon over. He had tubes over his chest. They looked like they were mixed with salt and, if I had to guess was blood. He proceeded to make a circle of salt and asked me to stand in it.

Some thing inside of me snapped. Enough was enough. I stared down the solider. Its harder to control my power with out my staff.

ho-hum, time to find a new body
In which a new leaf is sought after.

Bodies need to be replaced from time to time from age, sickness, & injury with plenty of time to look for a new one before the need is met. Having the identity of a host body suspected of my activities makes for quite the urgent nuisance. Perhaps the need for another swim in the stream of time is nearing, but I’ve already repeatedly guided my own path away from how it was, perhaps I can guide something different this time.


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